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  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE : You Can Adjust Resistance Of Your Hand Gripper From 10-60 Kgs As Per Requirements. Also Its Easy And Fast To Do So.
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE : Handle Is Comfortable To Hold And Made From Non-slip Material. Hence It Will Give You Extra Grip And Comfort While Exercise
  • FOREARM & FINGER EXERCISE EQUIPMENT :  Hand Grip Strengthener Is Useful In Forearm/wrist Workout As Well As In Finger Exercise.
  • DURABLE : Quality Material Used In  Handgrip Exerciser E.g. Spring Made From High Quality Staleness Steel, Quality Non- Slip Material Used On Handles. 
  • GYM AND HOME USE : Hand Grip Excerciser Is Suitable In Gym And Home Use As Well As For Men And Women. It Is Easy To Use And Easy To Handle Is Well.
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA : This JunoBull Hand Gripper is a perfect gift choice for someone like a sports athlete, musician, rock climber, tennis player, golf player, boxer, drummer, guitarist, pianist or many other hobbyist / professionals.

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